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A testament to my obsession with thoughtful experimental and avant-garde music. A repository for my radio shows of yore. A conglomerate of my brain juices and pulsating veins in the form of sound waves.

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Jul 17 '12


3 shows (Tearist, Deep Time, Footwork), 3 giant leg bruises, and -10 hours sleep later…

BRB, gonna go nurse my entire body like the 40 year-old man I am. 

Jun 17 '12


Definition: A term used to describe the movement of any contemporary work of art that blatantly borrows from or rips off an aesthetic of the past that lacks an interpretative context.

Origin: One pictures a person idolizing a work of art in a fetishistic sense, i.e. masturbating to a song before recording one’s own. The art that results is the unachieved act of copulation—it is the senseless ejaculate devoid of passion. There is no fusion of inspiration and artistry. There is nothing of substance but a sticky mess. 

LEST YOU FORGET WHO COINED THE TERM (for future reference).


Apr 20 '12